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This Honors Project looks into creating a hypothetical intervention program incorporating BGSU Students and residents from Wood Haven Healthcare in Bowling Green, Ohio. The program, which is called Grab a MIC: Making Intergenerational Connections, seeks to answer if intergenerational music therapy intervention will help alleviate negative perceptions of aging and geriatric depression, and promote intergenerational understanding. This program will include 5 BGSU students from the College of Musical Arts and 5 residents from Wood Haven Healthcare and persist over 7 weeks total. The students selected will be volunteers and will preferably all specialize in different instruments within the string family or choir. During weeks 1 and 7, the BGSU students will be coming to Woodhaven Healthcare to conduct pre and post-program surveys and sit one-on-one time with their residents. During weeks 2-6, the residents will be transported via the Woodhaven bus to campus. By the end of the program, each resident will have been able to be paired with a university student and learned about each instrument involved in the program. Measures of geriatric depression and changed perceptions of aging will be measured and analyzed before and after the intervention to sufficiently measure the impact of the program.





First Advisor

Cynthia Spitler

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Megan Rancier

Second Advisor Department

Music Education

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2023

Honors Project_ Grab a MIC_ Making Intergenerational Connections- Alayna Bollinger.pptx (9475 kB)
This is a visual representation of my Honors project proposal and what I used to complete my oral presentation.

Grab a MIC- Flyer (1).docx (3923 kB)
This a potential flyer that would be hung on campus and given to interested participants if the program were to take place in the Fall 2023 semester