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Professional dancers spend numerous hours immersed into dance culture every single day, learning new technique, practicing choreography, and exercising to stay fit. This study explores how dance affects the self-confidence and self-esteem of dance students. Utilizing surveys, the self-confidence and self-esteem of dance students at BGSU is compared to non-performing arts students. The study of psychology allows for proper analysis on the differences between the two groups, why a difference might occur, and how self-confidence and self-esteem is affected. After gathering data on emotions, perfectionism, comparison, group versus individual performances, personal thoughts, and body image, it was found that dancers report lower levels of both self-confidence and self-esteem than non-performing arts students. This research provides a starting point for further research on the topic, informing and educating those in the field about the implications of dance. After future research, action can be taken to mitigate the negative effects.



Second Major


First Advisor

Colleen Murphy

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Second Advisor

Kenneth Thompson

Second Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2023

Dance and the Self - Presentation.pdf (701 kB)
PowerPoint slides used during the oral defense.