Honors Projects


Literature can let a reader grow in empathy by learning about a character’s experiences and cultures. Teaching literature with diverse characters to young people can help combat bias and hatred towards people who are perceived as different.

This project uses Rudine Sims Bishop’s metaphor of mirrors, windows, and doors, Gloria Ladson Billings’ Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, and Gholdy Muhammad’s Culturally Responsive Pedagogy as foundation for creating activities for diverse literature. These activities are for the texts Ms. Marvel: No Normal, The Poet X, and The Marrow Thieves, all texts that are academically enriching with diverse characters that would be engaging for teenagers. These activities encourage the students to reflect on their own identity and cultures and to learn about and respect others’ cultures.




Individualized Planned Program

First Advisor

Dr. Timothy Murnen

First Advisor Department

Adolescent Young Adult

Second Advisor

Amanda Rzicznek

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2023