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The growing prevalence of mental illness within the United States Armed Forces has become a relevant topic of concern for researchers. Considering the negative attitudes that are often ascribed to those struggling with mental illness, understanding the stigmatized beliefs of those in the military is of specific interest, especially since current mental health services are reported to be ineffective. While research has investigated this issue within enlisted military populations, there is currently no research concerning military leadership positions and their subgroups such as the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). With research suggesting leadership plays a significant role in the perpetuation of stigmatized beliefs within the military, future research should explore the beliefs about mental illness, mental health treatment, and anticipated social stigma among those in leadership positions. This paper aims to review current research related to the subject and propose a study that could bridge the current gap in research and guide future directions to eventually inform solutions to the currently ineffective mental health programs in the military.



First Advisor

Dr. Anne K. Gordon

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Second Advisor

Dr. Monica A. Longmore

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Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2023