Honors Projects


Emily Fredrick


This coaches’guide will help readers understand why positive youth development (PYD) is so important and how they can ensure that their tennis program provides it. The guide will start with qualities they’ll need to embody and behaviors they’ll need to adopt. Coaching is no easy task, and not everyone can do it, but with perseverance readers can learn how to coach successfully. Following this, readers will learn what PYD is about and how children’s development will affect their program. With knowledge of child development, readers can begin to plan their program. This guide will provide readers with a number of suggestions and other advice on how to do that. Finally, readers will learn about evaluating their program. This very important step will help readers to improve their program for future seasons. Using this guide readers should be able to plan and carry out a successful youth tennis program.


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Dr. Sherri Horner

First Advisor Department

Educational Foundations and Inquiry

Second Advisor

Mrs. Rebecca Summersett

Second Advisor Department

Physical Education

Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2012