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Understanding the effects of anthropogenic factors, such as oxybenzone, on sea urchins is extremely important to protect the growth of coral reefs- the ocean’s hotspot for biodiversity. Spawning of sea urchins, Lytechinus variegatus, was induced and eggs were fertilized in different concentrations of oxybenzone contaminated water. 48 hours later, data was collected underneath a light microscope. Observations of the data indicate that oxybenzone negatively affects sea urchin development up until the gastrula stage. Using both my data and knowledge from standing literature, I decided to write a policy analysis paper to answer the question “what should we do regarding sunscreen pollution?” After evaluating policy alternatives on terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and political feasibility, I suggest a term regulation with a complete toxicology analysis of all FDA approved filters.


Biological Sciences



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Dr. Partin

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Kear

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Political Science

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Dr. Heckman

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Biological Sciences

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Chrissy Shaal

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Spring 4-24-2023