Honors Projects


This study is important in understanding the impact that food insecurity has on college students in the United States. Food insecurity is a leading public health and nutrition issue in the United States, especially among college students. Conducting this research at BGSU is important in understanding the implications food insecurity has on local college students. Analyzing the results of this survey and the current BGSU programs will allow for the continuation of further research to address the food insecurity issue among BGSU students. Programming and reducing stigma are essential to reduce the prevalence of food insecurity among BGSU college students. This study is just the beginning steps to eliminating food insecurity at BGSU and further research and programming are needed to ensure more students are food secure.


Honors Program


Health Science

First Advisor

Dr. Carrie Hamady

First Advisor Department

Nutrition Sciences

Second Advisor

Dr. Philip Welch

Second Advisor Department

Public and Allied Health

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2023