Honors Projects


Sex education is arguably one of the most controversial subjects in the United States education system. Because education is primarily considered a state’s responsibility, it is difficult to ensure consistent material is being taught from state to state. Although comprehensive sex education has been proven to be effective, most states including Ohio, lean towards an abstinence-only approach. Ohio currently has very vague and limited sex education policies. In this paper, I will analyze sex education at the federal, state, and district levels (in Ohio) to determine the current state of affairs. I will utilize a case-study analysis of three Ohio school districts to showcase the prominent issues found within their sex education curriculum. These issues include the lack of transparency, lack of culturally sensitive material, and information on LGBTQ+ communities. The bulk of this paper will use published research and quality sources to highlight the importance of increasing research and funding to implement comprehensive sex education in Ohio schools.



First Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Olson

First Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Sarah Rainey-Smithback

Second Advisor Department

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2023