Honors Projects


This project explores ways in which food pantries across Ohio college campuses are accommodating for those with food restrictions such as food allergies, religious diets, or personal choice (vegan/vegetarian). Food insecurity is a widespread issue that affects many Americans. College students especially bear the burden of this issue. Food pantries are a common institution to combat food insecurity, and these work for many of the individuals that use them. Those with special dietary needs, however, may find more difficulty when accessing these resources. Having a food allergy or being on a religious or personal diet may impact how you can utilize your local pantry. This study explores the accommodations at four Ohio college food pantries and aims to help pantries become more accessible to these groups of patrons.





First Advisor

Dr. Shannon Orr

First Advisor Department

Political Science

Second Advisor

Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2023