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So often in the education of Mathematics does instruction solely consist of the lecture. While this can be an effective method of communicating the ideas of math, it leaves much to be desired in gathering the interest and intrigue of those who have not dedicated their lives to the study of the subject. Theatre, by contrast, is a tool that has been used in the past as means of teaching complicated and difficult to understand moral and emotional subjects. While Theatre and Mathematics have been used in combination many times in the past, it is most often done in the context of creating engaging characters that can sit down and give the lecture instead of the math teacher. This paper strives to explore the possibility of using traditional theatre and dramatic themes to explore issues in abstract math, through an original play that contextualizes mathematical elements through personal drama. Through the script developed in this project, this combination of Mathematics and Theatre is explored, and this paper asserts that the two subjects can be utilized effectively to elevate both the dramatic aspects of a show and the education of abstract mathematical ideas.


Theatre and Film



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Sara Chambers

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Theatre and Film

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Michelle Heckman

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Spring 4-24-2023