Honors Projects


Amanda UleryFollow


The purpose of this research was to identify any correlation between assessment question formats, student anxiety, and student performance on the assessments. Literature has been researched to find any previous studies that look at the same topic and correlations, and the research has all been recorded and written about to preface the personal research that was conducted in the Fall semester of 2022. The personal research has been done to see the correlation between question format, student anxiety, and student performance. The research has been conducted by assessing a class of high school students over a biology topic, and then conducting a survey over the anxiety of the students and then comparing the two together.


Adolescent Young Adult


Life Sciences and Chemistry Education

First Advisor

Dr. Raymond Larsen

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Dr. Jacob Burgoon

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2023