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This case study evaluates the effectiveness of standardized international marketing campaigns versus globalized international marketing campaigns in the context of two multinational corporations, McDonald's and Burger King, both operating in the United Kingdom. The study compares the outcomes of a standardized marketing approach, which uses the same marketing messages and materials across all regions, to a globalized approach that considers local cultural differences and modifies the marketing messages accordingly. The study analyzes the impact of each approach on brand recognition, and customer engagement, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with each strategy. Additionally, the study examines the importance of cultural awareness and the potential risks associated with failing to adapt to local cultures. The findings of the case study provide insights into the effectiveness of each marketing strategy and highlight the importance of balancing global consistency with local relevance in marketing campaigns.


International Business

Second Major

Business Analytics and Intelligence

First Advisor

Professor David Dewey

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Second Advisor

Dr. Man Zhang

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International Studies

Third Advisor

Dr. Kenneth Thompson

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Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2023