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This project focuses on the student's journey of teaching English as a foreign language in Spain. A Service-Learning course that is offered to students studying abroad allows them the opportunity to give back to their host community by teaching English classes at a local community center. These classes are super important for the community as nowadays, Spain is one of the European countries with the lowest English proficiency. In order to give a voice to the students participating in these English classes, I interviewed a pool of the students about their individual experiences learning English. Some topics that were discussed involve the native speaker, pronunciation, error correction, communicative language teaching, the impact of culture, and the importance of accent. Utilizing the interviewee's feedback, my personal experiences, and scholarly research, conclusions were able to be made as to the best approaches to teaching English as foreign language in Spain.


Honors Program


World Language Education

First Advisor

Susana Juarez

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World Languages and Cultures

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Fernanda Capraro

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Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2023