Honors Projects


Virtopsy as a potential new standard in forensic science investigation in the place of a conventional autopsy. In recent years there have been new advancements across the forensic field and in the scientific world as a whole. These advancements have changed many approaches bringing new capabilities and new challenges and pushback. This report takes a specific interest in the evolution of forensic autopsy. With improvements such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography scan (CT), X-Rays, and other approaches a new term and technique have been coined Virtopsy. As this new potential approach has come to light the resistance against conventional autopsy methods from some cultures and religions has grown stronger. As this controversy has made ground new attention has been directed to this new approach as a possible option for a new standard in the forensic field of postmortem investigations. The shortcomings and strengths of both Virtopsy and autopsy have been observed through many different research approaches. Of course, there are still things to improve on but, does this new technique have a chance of becoming a new standard? Does it truly measure up to the degree of qualifications for its application?


Forensic Biology

First Advisor

Mr. Jeffery Lynn

Second Advisor

Dr. Travis Worst

Third Advisor

Dr. Crystal Oechsle

Fourth Advisor

Mrs. Christine Shaal

Publication Date

Fall 12-4-2022