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As society continues to grow increasingly pluralistic, questions arise concerning how to better prepare preservice educators in teacher preparation programs. The purpose of this study was to determine the connections between P12 teachers’ training, experience, and what is being done in the classroom. Three participants were hand-selected for participation due to their proven track record employing varied curricular practice. The participants represented a varied range of areas of expertise and years of experience. After exploring the experiences of these three teachers, themes of (1) getting outside of one’s comfort zone, (2) engaging in musical amateurism, and (3) synergizing traditional and progressive pedagogies were found. In order to continue to push for increasingly varied practices in P12 and collegiate contexts, stakeholders should consider these themes as one point of consideration as to how music teacher preparation programs can better prepare pre-service teachers, as well as how such institutions can better support practicing music teachers in the field who are already working toward different possibilities in the classroom.


Music Education



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Lisa Martin

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Music Education

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Sidra Lawrence

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Fall 12-2022