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The purpose of this project is to answer the following research questions:

1). What benefits of doing a study abroad are most impactful in a BGSU undergraduate student’s decision on whether to study abroad?

2). What are the most significant barriers for students of taking action to study abroad at BGSU?

I will be generating primary data from interviewing undergraduate students and analyzing the data using statistical tools. I will use this data to figure out which groups of benefits and which groups of barriers are most impactful for different demographic groups so I can provide insightful recommendations to policy makers in the education abroad office. Using BGSU as my research context, I have developed a questionnaire to administer to 100 undergraduate students to obtain the data and used Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory to tie the data with theory-backed support. I also researched study abroad benefits and barriers across other American universities to help me develop an adequate questionnaire. Also, since there were not many Covid-related barriers that have been fully studied, I am contributing my own background to develop new research in terms of how impactful Covid-19 was to BGSU undergraduate students' perception of barriers related to this specific virus.


Honors Program


International Business

Second Major


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Dr. Man Zhang

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Business Education

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Akiko Kawano Jones

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Asian Studies

Publication Date

Winter 12-7-2022