Honors Projects


Surrealism is a complex medium of artistic expression that has persisted through the modern and postmodern time periods and into the contemporary. This project attempts to shine light on the importance of Surrealism by researching the rational implications of its irrational nature. I approached this question in two separate manners: One in a research perspective and one in a creative perspective. This project includes my research on the advancement of Surrealism and 15 poems that I have composed in reflection of Surrealism, Modernism, Postmodernism, the contemporary, and Anti-Realism. The conclusions of this project have important implications that have a common interest rooted within the disciplines of creative writing, philosophy, and history.


Mathematics and Statistics


Actuarial Science

First Advisor

Frank Rzicznek

First Advisor Department

Creative Writing

Second Advisor

Justin Donhauser

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Fall 12-3-2022

Honors Defense.pptx (4220 kB)
powerpoint of my project oral defense.