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What makes a small town in the middle of nowhere USA unique, and what does food have to do with it? The following paper will discuss the impact of food on the revitalization process of small towns in the United States. This paper will attempt to answer questions concerning the revitalization process, how to measure the success of revitalization, and how food turns a town into a destination. Sidney Alive, a non-profit downtown revitalization group located in Sidney, Ohio, will be presented as a case study to discuss what could be a real-life success story. This case study will evaluate the work being done, the goals of the organization, and give a first-hand look at a revitalization project in progress: as well as how to best measure that progress. Additionally, research of downtown revitalization trends and many aspects of food tourism that create a unique process in small towns throughout the United States will be evaluated through an interdisciplinary lens. The many trends in downtown revitalization and food related destinations, such as the uniqueness that is needed for success or the historical significance of food, are discussed in relation to one another. Overall, the following paper will work to create a better understanding of the relationship between food as a destination and downtown revitalization in small towns throughout the United States, following different trends, discussing real-life work, and evaluation through an interdisciplinary lens.


Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning


Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning

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Dr. Philip Xie

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Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning

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Dr. Wan Shen

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Publication Date

Fall 12-8-2022