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Moving their home from across town, a couple of states away, or overseas is something most will experience at least once in their lifetime. For all, moving is a big change, but for children, it can have lasting effects. Presumably, social skills, academic development, and family dynamics are all impacted when children move. But how and to what length are these factors influenced? This led to the original research question, how does relocation affect children and how can this transition during relocation be eased? After the first portion of the research was done to answer these questions, the research then shifted to answer the following questions: what children’s literature already focuses on this topic, what is missing from these books, and what positive characteristics can be melded together and how does one write a children’s book? This research resulted in the creation of a children’s picture book manuscript titled A Ruff Day on the Road: A Moving Story.




Liberal Studies

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Colleen Boff

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Marlise Lonn

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Special Education

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Joe Prince

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Jodi Devine

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Fall 11-15-2022

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