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The purpose of the study is to explore the mental effects Tinder has on Bowling Green State University students. My project explores in-depth interviews of 8 BGSU students, and their usage of the popular dating app Tinder. Dating apps have become very popular since the creation of Tinder in 2012, and research explores the negative self-esteem effects it can cause. My research found that many people use the app simply because they are bored, and stray away from trying for something serious because of the stereotypes attached to the app. I also found that women tend to become more critical of their appearance and may compare themselves to others. Tinder promotes the superficial, and focuses only on aesthetics. This leads to more surface level connections, and self-esteem can be affected.


Honors Program



First Advisor

Dr. Monica Longmore

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Second Advisor

Dr. Anne Gordon

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Publication Date

Fall 12-9-2022