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Creative writing clubs can enrich the lives of writers and facilitators. These clubs provide many opportunities to enrich their members’ academic, social, and personal development (Clifton, 2022; Siskel & Jacobs, 2011; Lawton, 2021). This project uses a focus-group study of five pre-service Integrated Language Arts teachers to explore the teachers' perspectives on advising creative writing clubs. Their insight informs a web-based teacher resource, Creative Writing Club Hub. Major findings are that participants harbor low self-efficacy towards creative writing and that the most effective method for encouraging them to advise these clubs may be to create a creative writing community among educators. The resource provides information to inform and inspire educators and will become a springboard for that community.


Adolescent Young Adult


Integrated Language Arts Education

First Advisor

Dr. Timothy Murnen

First Advisor Department

Adolescent Young Adult

Second Advisor

Amanda Rzicznek

Second Advisor Department

Creative Writing

Publication Date

Fall 12-7-2022