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Generation Z differs notably from previous generations like Baby Boomers or Generation X. In recent years, young adults have been persisting through the COVID-19 pandemic, though not unscathed. This paper seeks to answer the following question: How does Generation Z differ in its outlook on Viral diseases compared to previous generations? Using a series of three surveys conducted on three seperate Viral diseases (HIV, Zika, and COVID 19), it was found that while Generation Z has improved in its ability to combat Viral outbreaks due to factors like high digital literacy, other factors such as poorer mental health show that not everything about Generation Z has improved from previous generations.


Honors Program


Health Science

First Advisor

Sharon Schaeffer

First Advisor Department

Public and Allied Health

Second Advisor

Daniel Mark Pavuk

Second Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2022