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This study is about finding the best social media practices for a small business. I used The Salt Cave of Perrysburg, which is located in Perrysburg, Ohio, as my testing subject for the implementation of the social media practices that were found through primary research, such as surveys and waiver forms, and secondary research, such as previous research papers, textbooks, and previous surveys. Through primary and secondary research, this paper will describe how to research and then implement the best practices for a small business. With the research I have found, I then implemented those findings to The Salt Cave of Perrysburg’s social media marketing strategy for three months. When the implementation process ended, I took the engagement and impressions metrics average of the posts from the social platforms prior to the implementation and after the implementation. This before and after method helped better show that my researched best practices have increased or decreased the engagement and impressions on the company’s social media platforms. This is dissected qualitatively and quantitatively in the Social Media Implementation Results. Through the use of qualitative and quantitative data, this case study was able to differentiate which practices did best and which practices did not do as well. Also, along with showing the best practices for a small business, this case study also shows that social media cannot be the only marketing outlet a company has. Overall, this case study is to be a research and implementation guide for small businesses to follow when choosing the best social media practices for their personal small business.


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Fei Weisstein

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Jennifer Stuart

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Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2022