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In order to have access and use the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), it is required by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Quality Assurance Standards (FBI-QAS) for Forensic DNA Units to complete comprehensive validation studies on all equipment, materials, and methods used in the process of DNA analysis. This study continues validation previous done within the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). YFiler Plus is a DNA amplification kit that is used in cases where it is most useful to examine only male DNA profile(s) within a sample by amplifying loci only on the Y-Chromosome. Components of this study include looking at male DNA sensitivity, male sensitivity with high levels of female DNA present, and male-male mixtures. These are crucial aspects in determining the situations in which using the YFiler Plus amplification kit would be the most appropriate and beneficial.


Biological Sciences


Forensic Biology

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Dr. Crystal Oechsle

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Travis Worst

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Spring 4-20-2022