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Jordan EngFollow


As a country that has captured the imagination of many people throughout the world, France stands as a democratic country known for its colonial past. With that colonial past and a stable democracy, France attracts immigrants from all continents. Although it prides itself in liberté, égalité et fraternité, all may be not as it seems. Immigrants arriving in France often face hardships in a variety of different aspects of life. Education, health care, the labor market, and the overall economic situation for many new arrivals fail to treat them favorably. In this paper examines the economic situation for immigrants in France compared to the native French and provides commentary for possible reasons for disparity and the overall effect of immigration on the French economy. Immigrants, especially those of North African origin, are not treated equally in France and do not experience the same France that the native French do.


Economics – BS

First Advisor

Katie Kontak

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Second Advisor

Deborah Schocket

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Romance and Classical Studies

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017