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The initial steps to creating the proposed event, a professional development workshop for Inclusive Early Childhood (IEC) Education majors, included determining the needs of current students. To achieve this, an online survey was sent out to all current undergraduate IEC students. The aim of this survey was to determine in which areas current students would like further instruction or training. The survey focused on three areas significant areas of education: teaching students with disabilities and disorders, communicating with colleagues, mentors, and paraprofessionals, and integrating specialist therapy strategies into the classroom environment.

This data, once collected and analyzed, identified two target areas based on the priorities determined through the surveys. These target areas then became the intended focus of a professional development workshop held in March 2019. A selection of activities were curated to address these specific priorities for the current members of the Early Childhood Organization (ECO), a student organization within the IEC program. Multiple speakers were be contacted to participate in the event. The goal of the workshop was to provide additional training, aimed at juniors and seniors of the program but available to anyone, which expands the skills they obtain through their BGSU coursework to prepare them for the nuanced relationships of their first years of teaching.




Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Meliss Klorer

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Second Advisor

Stephanie Blessing

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Human Development and Family Studies

Publication Date

Spring 5-9-2019