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This honors project explores the optimization of energy generation within the state of Ohio to better the energy generation efficiency both environmentally and economically. The proposed solution is a 30-year plan from 2020 to 2050 to reduce the environmental impact caused by electricity generation in Ohio. This project shows guidelines and goals to reach by the end of every decade spanning from 2030 to 2050. This was done using an optimizing program called Multiple Objective Linear Programming (MOLP) and while not perfect it lays a foundation for changes that should come to Ohio’s energy mix in the next 30 years.


Environment and Sustainability


Business Analytics and Intelligence

Second Major

Management Information Systems

First Advisor

Dr. Christopher Rump

First Advisor Department

Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Second Advisor

Dr. Nathan Hensley

Second Advisor Department

Environment and Sustainability

Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2022