Honors Projects


Mental Health Literacy in Adolescents and Young Adults


This project explores mental health literacy and the stigma surrounding mental health in adolescents and young adults. Research done concludes that mental health literacy, or the knowledge base that allows one to recognize, manage, and prevent mental health conditions, is relatively low among this age group. Mental health conditions generally first surface in individual’s while between 18-24 years of age—it is therefore important to raise mental health literacy among people among this adolescent/young adult age group, so that they can better recognize, manage, and prevent mental health conditions in themselves and others as they emerge. Therefore, this project compiles five lesson plans, each focusing on a different component of mental health literacy, onto an accessible, easy-to-use website. Additionally, necessary materials and additional resources are included in the website. The lesson plans function around the augmented reality technology used in the HP Reveal application. Augmented reality was chosen for its distinct differentiation possibilities, as it involves kinesthetic, audio, and visual components. This tool is free to use to any who may be interested.




Individualized Planned Program

First Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

First Advisor Department

Honors Program

Second Advisor

Mark Stevens

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Publication Date

Spring 5-28-2019