Honors Projects


Due to invasive species and the assumption of an unhealthy ecosystem, Steidtmann Woods is an underutilized piece of land owned by Bowling Green State University. However, the property had never been analyzed. The proposed hypothesis was that Steidtmann was indeed in destress and its ecosystem could benefit from intervention—removal of invasive species and supplementation of natives. Through a rapid vegetative analysis, data was collected in several regions of the woods to identify what navies and non-natives were present as well as to identify their proportions. With that data, the species evenness, richness, and diversity was calculated; first, with raw field data and secondly, with data that merged invasive species into one mega-species to see the true effects of invasive populations. The data concluded that Steidtmann needs restoration and that the presence of invasive species reduces the properties overall health.


Biological Sciences


Ecology and Conservation Biology

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Mark Pavuk

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Dr. Holly J. Myers

Second Advisor Department

Environment and Sustainability

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017