Honors Projects


Brigitte Reinke


This project takes a systematic approach to the analysis of Korngold’s song cycle, Sechs einfache Lieder (Bjørn Ramberg and Kristin Gjesdal). First, the author will examine what the genre "Lied" is, then the reader will learn about the composer, and finally the reader will discover the meaning behind the poetry to which the cycle is set. All of the translations done in this project were the result of the author’s own knowledge of the German language, Dr. Spohr’s and Mrs. Scholl’s knowledge of German, and through the help of Dict.cc, an online English-German dictionary.


Music Performance

First Advisor

Ellen Scholl

First Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Arne Spohr

Second Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Publication Date

Spring 2012