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One of the most common fish diseases in aquaculture is Aeromonas infection. The most common way to treat this infection is through antibiotics. The bacteria in the fish can become antibiotic-resistant and perpetuate the disease. The diseases in fish create a huge financial loss and the industry loses $6 billion per year due to diseases in fish. An alternative to antibiotics is bacteriophage which causes less environmental degradation and is better for human gut flora. In aquaculture there have been examples of aquaculture workers becoming sick from the water in aquaculture ponds as well as from people eating the fish. Bacteriophage are safer for use by aquaculture workers and pose less of a threat to their health.


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Health Science

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Raymond Larsen

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Biological Sciences

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Philip Welch

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Public and Allied Health

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Christina Igl

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Spring 4-26-2022