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This project is a case study for a tool which would test and evaluate users on managerial skills and industrial-organizational psychology concepts. The tool developed during this project is a proto-type for a virtual assessment center which would offer a lower cost alternative to in-person assessment centers. The virtual assessment center evaluates users on process skills and soft skills that have been shown to be associated with successful mid-level managers. The proto-type has a business game to measure process skills and two situational judgment tests to measure two dimensions related to soft skills. To implement the business game, the proto-type uses a deterministic model. This allows the assessment center to be used as a personnel selection tool for organizations. Additionally, independent users are also able to compare themselves against previous results. While further development and validation is necessary before the virtual assessment center can be used, this proto-type demonstrates the relative ease the benefits of an assessment center could be brought to smaller, less revenue heavy organizations by utilizing the power of the web. The tool also allows independent users, who may be current or aspiring mid-level managers, to take an assessment center for personal development.


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Computer Science

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Clare Barratt

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Robert Green

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Computer Science

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Spring 4-26-2017