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The Neon Gods We Made is a collection of 3 plays and 21 poems. In this collection I explore the concept of religion as an ideology, or as a body of knowledge that has some specific function in society as a whole—while I focus primarily on culture of the United States, there are broader trends in the use of ideology that are applicable to other countries/cultures as well. With this project, I am primarily interested in the links between organized religion, personal spirituality, and the influence of culture on both the more formal and informal aspects of one’s spirituality. Primarily, I look at how the ever-growing commodification and commercialization of all aspects of our lives bleeds into the spiritual sphere.


Honors Program



First Advisor

Theresa Williams

First Advisor Department

Creative Writing

Second Advisor

Emily Aguilar

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 4-28-2017