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Education majors are required to complete a significant amount of coursework related to student behaviors and best practices regarding these behaviors. However, this coursework lies heavily on the side of disruptive and aggressive behaviors. Much less is taught about students who experience quiet conflict, despite childhood anxiety being one of the most prevalent disorders that children face. The purpose of this project is to provide teachers and future teachers with information about how to best assist these anxious students within the classroom.

Because of the nature of this project, it is also necessary to understand how teaching adults differs from teaching children. In order for the proposed professional development to be effective, the instructor must understand by what ways teachers will most efficiently learn, retain, and apply the information given to them. This requires a study into how educating adults is both compared and contrasted to educating children.

The professional development presentation referenced within this project was administered to a junior level class of Inclusive Early Childhood Education majors at Bowling Green State University.


Early Childhood


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Alicia A. Mrachko

First Advisor Department

School of Intervention Services

Second Advisor

Annette Mahoney

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-30-2017