Honors Projects


This project is an introduction and overview of Mapper. Mapper is a method of high dimensional data visualization. Data visualization is a very important part of data analysis as it allows for further interpretation and exploration of data. Visualization of high dimensional data sets can be challenging as each variable is a new dimension that must be represented on a 2D, or at most 3D, graph. Mapper allows for high dimensional visualization by using Topological methods to study the relationships between points. This project goes over two different data set: the Iris data set, and a high dimensional data set called Fetal Health. This project goes over the two data sets and shows how to tune and interpret a Mapper graph.



First Advisor

Dr. Umar Islambekov

First Advisor Department

Mathematics and Statistics

Second Advisor

Dr. Jong Kwan “Jake” Lee

Second Advisor Department

Computer Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2022

Included in

Data Science Commons