Honors Projects


Joanna Hamilton


The primary object of this research is to provide a set of data that indicates whether or not humans are having a significant impact on the potential future fossil record of freshwater ostracods due to acid rain. To collect this data, the author will construct a model fossil record for the ostracod assemblages in an area of Lake Erie. In this model the author will explore the differences before and after human involvement/contamination/degradation of the surrounding environment and acidification/ contamination of Lake Erie. The author will conduct several taphonomic experiments taking into account factors such as nitric acid levels and organic acid contribution as well as the buffering capacity of the sediment. The author wants to show how such factors have been amplified/diluted by human industrial involvement in the area.


Geology: Paleobiology

First Advisor

Dr. Margaret Yacobucci

First Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2012