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Alginate polymer is known to form gel through the process of Ionotropic gelation. By use of extrusion and diffusion setting manure was encapsulated into gel beads. These beads were then tested to determine their potential for further testing as a manure treatment process. From the limited data in this preliminary study, it appears as though there is potential for further testing of alginate beads as a treatment process for manure. The treatment is potentially valuable because of the ease of filtration of the alginate beads, the low cost of transportation of the dehydrated beads, and because the limited data suggests that both the hydrated and dehydrated beads potentially bind and release ammonia. It is possible that this treatment process could be combined with other treatments known to capture ortho-phosphate and nitrate + nitrite to create a more effective fertilizer product. More testing should be done in order to have a better understanding of the release rates and repeatability, as well as the effectiveness of combined treatment methods.





First Advisor

W Robert Midden

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Second Advisor

Alexis Dee Ostrowski

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Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2016