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This project is intended to address the needs of Chinese international students in the U.S, specifically those studying at Bowling Green State University. The principle goal is to create a guidebook to student life at BGSU, focusing of academic success, lifestyle adjustment, and connections to domestic students. This guidebook utilizes both academic research, as well as individual student input. Furthermore, much of the guidebook’s content is in both English and Chinese, allowing for greater comprehension of the information.

In addition, this project includes an accompanying essay in order to better analyze the concepts of the academic research. This essay compares studies observing major issues for international students, such as language barriers, with the steps some Universities are taking to address them. After considering the varying levels of success and failure some University international programs face, conclusions about Chinese international student adjustment are applied to the issues addressed in the guidebook.


Asian Studies


Asian Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Yiju Huang

First Advisor Department

German, Russian, and East Asian Languages

Second Advisor

Dr. Louisa Ha

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2015