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The purpose of this paper is to discover if Artificial Intelligence could and should replace human jurists. By looking at the two theories that offer a way to apply the law (legal formalism and legal realism), multiple different answers to this question emerge. Looking at the corner stone of legal realism which is considered empathy, reasons as to why A.I. in the court room begin to emerge. Many studies and data were included in this study that covered a variety of topics such as A.I. experiments, legal data, and psychological emotions. In summary, the results of the research are that A.I. would apply a strict application of the law as a human jurist. While a legal formalist would support this, such a formalistic view could hinder the evolution and adaptation of the law.




Pre-Professional Program in Law

Second Major


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Tiffany Menard

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Jeffery Carroll

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Joshua Boston

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Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2022