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Public is an historical and contemporary issue faced by many cities. Many new developments often include plans for some form of public or affordable housing. The purpose of this paper is to explore a few case studies in public housing through the lens of community development, architectural and urban design, and economic investment. The selected projects included: Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, Missouri (1954), Cabrini Green in Chicago, Illinois (1962), Karl Marx Hof in Vienna, Austria (1930), Caoyang New Village in Shanghai, China (1951), and various Soviet housing projects in the former Soviet Union (1922-1991). Historical and contemporary research was used to connect these projects and derive a few conclusions about public housing, including that public housing should be thought of as permanent instead of temporary and designed with residential involvement to encourage communal development, projects should be designed to integrate with the larger urban fabricate through mixed-use development, and maximum-income levels should be removed so as not to force residents out of housing and communities. It is important for one to note that these conclusions and associated research were focused on a few issues and projects. Public housing is a far-reaching and complex topic. This research can serve as an introduction to public housing to a student. Specifically, architectural students may find the research useful in their design work.


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Architecture and Environmental Design

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Dr. Kerry Fan

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Architecture and Environmental Design

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Dr. Thomas Edge

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Ethnic Studies

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Spring 4-26-2022