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If you wear glasses or contacts, which one do you wear more often, and why? How Corrective Lens Choices are Associated with the Self-Esteem of College Students is an observational study on 1) how corrective lens choices are associated with the self-esteem of college students, and 2) how do factors such as gender, ethnicity, finances, insurance, recreational and occupational use, or lens options recommended to a patient impact an individual’s choice of corrective lenses. The observational study shows that there is no significant difference in the self-esteem of college students who wore a specific corrective lens more often. However, research on the topic was expanded and helped to fill a gap in the literature for the interdisciplinary variables of corrective lens choices and self-esteem. Furthermore, there is the potential for similar studies to be conducted in the future given more resources and efforts to minimize the discussed limitations of the study.


Biological Sciences


Pre-Professional Program in Optometry

First Advisor

Amy Wagner

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Meagan Docherty, PHD

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Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2022