Honors Projects


The following written defense describes the guiding research, methodologies, and end results of my yearlong project - creating a digital children’s book and an accompanying short film. The project was initially inspired by an event at home in which my family was laughing at our small dog for the way he looked after we dressed him in pajamas, after which my dad made a comment that it would be heinous of us to treat a human being the same way. This comment inspired me to adopt my own approach as to how humans can learn from the animal kingdom. The remaining sections of this paper delve into further detail of how I took this isolated moment and created a multimedia storytelling experience that will hopefully inspire young readers to both feel confident with their self-expression and be mindful of how they speak to others.


Visual Communication and Technology Education


Visual Communication Technology

First Advisor

Amanda McGuire Rzicznek

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Second Advisor

Laney Fugett

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Visual Communication and Technology Education

Publication Date

Fall 12-3-2021