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Conceptually, Plant Wise is the key to bridging the gap between preconceived ideas about vegan and vegetarianism and successfully integrating plant-based foods into your everyday life. Physically, Plant Wise is a self-educational, interactive booklet chock-full of activities intended for users to complete at their own pace. Inside this 56-page booklet, there are recipes, doodling spaces, weekly check sheets, activities to do with friends and family, challenges, and so much more. Plant Wise utilizes these activities and journaling opportunities throughout as a self-reflective vehicle to give users an experience to reflect on, which aids in the retention of what’s been learned (Schoen 20). The interdisciplinary components researched throughout Plant Wise’s creation each have proved themselves absolutely essential for conveying its message in a memorable and inclusive way; finding a creative solution for combining them was crucial. Combining the studies of effective graphic design, creative writing and education, while also dabbling in environmental as well as health and human studies is what influenced Plant Wise to take on the interactive booklet format. By the time all prompts within Plant Wise are completed, positive impacts will have already been made on the planet and one’s body through exploring what plant-based options have to offer.


School of Art


Art – BFA in Graphic Design

First Advisor

Amanda McGuire Rzicznek

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Second Advisor

Lori Young

Second Advisor Department

School of Art

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2022