Honors Projects


Bryant Sheppard


This Honors Project consists of two parts: an applied part and written interpretation of the author's experience. The main focus throughout the semester has been on the applied part, which has consisted of creating and leading a student organization focused on social justice, which has been named the Student Service Corps. In this document, the author covers the models that were used to facilitate the organization, the implementation of these models, and the impact of the author's Honors Project. The main purpose of the author's project was to research the necessary strategies to create a service organization focused on social justice, as well as to provide a resource for future leaders of the Student Service Corps. The scope of the author's Honors Project was not to fully explore every model related to community service; rather, the author has attempted to gain a basic understanding of a few and to implement these practices.


Business Analytics and Intelligence

First Advisor

Dr. Jane Rosser

First Advisor Department

Office of Service Learning

Second Advisor

Dr. Heath Diehl

Second Advisor Department

Honors Program

Publication Date

Fall 12-6-2012