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My project explores the impacts of gender roles and gender identity on psychological wellbeing. Previous research has shown that gender roles are negatively associated with psychological wellbeing, and transgender individuals have lower psychological wellbeing than the cisgender population. Since transgender individuals have had unique experiences with gender roles, it leads to a question of how these individuals have been affected by gender roles. Participants responded to a confidential questionnaire about their experiences with gender roles as they were growing up, their gender incongruence, and their psychological wellbeing. The results were consistent with previous research. Furthermore, my results suggest that transgender individuals are more attentive to gender role enforcement and are more negatively affected by it. Even though some cisgender participants experienced moderately high gender role enforcement, it did not affect their psychological wellbeing as much due to their comfort within their gender identity and gender role.


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First Advisor

Dr. Jess Birch

First Advisor Department

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Clare Barratt

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Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2022