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Students’ use of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) as implemented by Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is a substantial part of their learning experience. A well designed and easy to use LMS not only allows students to be more efficient, it allows students to engage effectively with their coursework. Students’ ability to effectively use the LMS is examined to understand whether the system is usable, and if not, what changes should be made. Research included two distinct elements. First, students were asked to complete nine tasks identified as common tasks within Canvas, while being timed. Additionally, students responded to the System Usability Scale questionnaire to provide a usability score. Students’ results were then analyzed to see if they could be explained by training, class standing, or number of semesters at BGSU. Second, the processes to complete these nine tasks were diagrammed using Business Process Model Notation (BPMN). These diagrams were then analyzed to look for ways these processes could be improved. The results cannot explain students’ ability to use Canvas based on whether they received training, their class standing, or how many semesters they have been at BGSU. Further, students scored the system well using the system usability scale (SUS), completed tasks at high completion rates, and felt that the tasks were easy. Lastly, analysis of the BPMN diagrams suggests that the processes are not overly complex. Overall, these findings suggest that BGSU’s Canvas is highly usable, but does have some room for improvement. Minor issues should be corrected and training opportunities should be provided that would benefit the students at BGSU.


Computer Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Robert Green

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Computer Science

Second Advisor

Dr. Earl McKinney

Second Advisor Department

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Publication Date

Fall 12-8-2016