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This project consists of an educational program for informal caregivers in the Bowling Green community on preserving personhood in individuals with cognitive impairments through caregiving experiences. The program was based on a copious amount of research regarding personhood, how personhood relates to individuals experiencing cognitive impairment, and how care provided by caregivers can be provided in a way that promotes and preserves an individual’s personality, personhood, and selfhood.

The program was developed over the span of four months and incorporates models of personhood, behaviors that threaten and preserve or promote personhood, as well as practical suggestions for strategies in how to promote personhood in circumstances and settings that are relevant to most caregiver and care recipient experiences. In addition to the program presentation, individuals attending the educational program were provided with handouts as well as four practical strategy cards that are included in the final portions of the presentation.

This education program was held on Monday, December 14th at the Bowling Green Senior Center in Bowling Green, Ohio with four participants in attendance. In presenting the materials, participants were glad to share their insights and individual experiences in caregiving and asked many questions regarding how the information could apply to their unique circumstances. In evaluation of the program, aspects that can be considered for further review and editing include incorporating information in the presentation that pertains to not only the caregiver but also the care recipient if in attendance as well as location for implementation of the program in order to achieve higher participation rates.





First Advisor

Dr. Charlie Stelle

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Second Advisor

Dr. Allison Goedde

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Publication Date

Fall 12-16-2015

Honors Project - Presentation HANDOUT 1.docx (62 kB)
Educational Program Participant Handout

Honors Project - 4 Scenario Cards.docx (302 kB)
Practical Strategy Card Handouts

Honors Project - Presentation Evaluation Questionnaire - FINAL.doc (42 kB)
Presentation Evaluation Form

HNRS 4990 - Maren Legg - Project Reflection.docx (19 kB)
Project Reflection