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This project focuses on the effects that the quota system, as stated in United States immigration policy, had on Korean Immigration between 1952-1965. There is a focus on the social and economic state of the United States that surrounded and effected the immigration policy at this time, as well as the effects that this policy had on Korean immigration to the United States immediately following the Korean War. In order to complete this both primary and secondary sources are used. Primary sources that are used include newspapers such as the Stars and Stripes and the Chicago Tribune, and immigration policy such as Annual Immigration Quotas Under the 1924 Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act. Secondary sources that are used include books, dissertations and journal articles, such as “The Political Economy of International Immigration Policy: A Comparative and Quantitative Study” by Eytan Meyers; radio transcripts from National Public Radio; and Koreans’ Immigration to the U.S.: History and Contemporary Trends by Pyong Gap Min. These works are analyzed to determine the effects that immigration policy between 1952-1956 had on Korean immigration immediately following the Korean War.





First Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Greene

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Second Advisor

Dr. Vibha Bhalla

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Ethnic Studies

Publication Date

Fall 12-2017