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It is imperative that higher education institutions learn more about how to recruit members of younger generations to participate in future elections. Young people have historically voted at low rates, but that trend has started to change in recent years as more resources are being devoted to voter engagement among young people. This leads to the interest of understanding what best practices and strategies have academic institutions utilized to advance voter engagement on their campuses. This qualitative study analyzes these best practices and strategies at 84 colleges and universities, all of whom are members of The Andrew Goodman Foundation Vote Everywhere program. Using this methodology, I came to an understanding of the importance of using voter engagement programs to meet students where they are, both on campus and on social media.


Honors Program


Economics – College of Arts and Sciences

First Advisor

Shannon Orr

First Advisor Department

Political Science

Second Advisor

Lisa Hanasono

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Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2021