Honors Projects


This project focused on developing a social-emotional learning workbook for use in the classroom and family contexts. Based on a review of relevant literature, emotional recognition, self-regulation, and social skills were identified as the most beneficial social-emotional skills for the personal and academic success of elementary-aged students. The resulting workbook included eleven activities aimed at promoting these three skills. Each activity was designed to be implemented in the classroom setting, with associated take-home activities for use in the home with the parent/guardian(s) for increased generalization of skills. Accessibility for schools of all income levels was taken into account, as activities do not require additional training or resources to implement.


Human Development and Family Studies


Human Development and Family Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Susan Peet

First Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Abby Braden

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Winter 12-9-2021